Application Development

Application Development / Selection – We ensure that your technology needs are met through our computer software and hardware assistance that supports needs-based, client-focused development, organizational ownership, and defined technology standards

As your Technology Partner, we offer a full spectrum of products and services that allows enterprises to determine the level of support they require in order to meet their information technology needs:

Business Process engineering

Each business is expressed in a number of unique processes. The differentiator in the market is not what you offer but how you offer it. BreakThru's experience in developing systems that support your own business process will allow you to focus on the efficiencies in the overall business model and leave the technical implementation details to us.

Core system selection/development

As a part of our process engineering we can help develop or find in the marketplace technologies that will support the core of your business. We are familiar with our network of partners enables us to discover and deliver a range of solutions that will support your business.

Use Case Framing and Integration Assistance

How do you use the technology you have? What are the integration points within your organization or to external organizations. Framing these elements and assisting in understanding the pitfalls and peaks of your existing software solutions enables us to increase your efficiency and make a bottom-line improvement in your business.

Decision Support Solutions

Your data tells you more about your firm, your clients and the solutions to your problems than you think. BreakThru will help you cleanse organize and analyze your data. We can then turn the data into reports and analysis that show you critical trends and highlight solutions before the problems become critical.

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are key to your business. BreakThru will help you find, secure, and retain your customers through the application of the latest in data/leads capture and data mining techniques. In the Internet age, many of you customers come through your virtual door. We will help you with strategies to entice and close the sale.

eCommerce Support

Increasingly firms are required to be able to buy and sell in the Internet marketplace. We will help get your systems Internet ready and we can develop the latest in XML, or other standard interchange formats for e-commerce.