Strategy Solutions

Strategy Solutions – We provide information technology and process-improvement planning within the changing technology marketplace. If your goals are targeting improved efficiency, mission-supporting program development, and the deliberate application of world-class technology, BreakThru Technology Partners can work with you.

As your Technology Partner, we offer a full spectrum of products and services that allows enterprises to determine the level of support they require in order to meet their information technology needs:

Your business plan can include:

  • Worksteps and responsibilities
  • Value Definitions
  • Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Competition
  • Products and Services

We will also provide modeling as appropriate, including:

  • Revenue Models
  • Return on Investment
  • Business Assumptions
  • Operational Assumptions
  • Organizational/Staffing Plan

Application Portfolio Management

All organizations both big and small use software applications to drive their efforts. Many times these various applications like are an investment portfolio. Similarly, important investment management strategies and techniques need to be applied to maximize your return and avoid painful losses. We will work with our partners to determine what works and what does not. The ability for organizations to continue to optimize work effort through judicious use of technology creates significant opportunity for the IT group to think creatively about which applications are used and where.

Our review will include:

  • Application integration and architecture
  • Version management and change control
  • User Skills and Training review
  • Support capabilities including Help Desk and system administration
  • Maintenance and disaster planning

Business and Technology Alignment

BreakThru understands that a technical solution for one organization may not be the solution for another. We will create a plan which meets your needs, working to help address critical issues including:
Application/System suitability to task.
Support Skill Mix
Process documentation and automation management
Project and IT assessment
Internet strategy and external data communications
Gap analysis of potential areas of technology implementation.

Infrastructure Assessment

BreakThru understands the importance of developing a strategic infrastructure plan. Boxes and wires are never "sexy" to talk about in the planning phase of a new business. They are, however, the infrastructure that supports a business' ultimate success. We will work to drive your enterprise to a strategic plan that allows you to maximize value while minimizing costs. Options for services management, co-location, application hosting, and telecommunications solutions will be included in the assessment.

Industry, Alliance and Competitive Review

Understanding the changing technology landscape allows an enterprise to thrive within it. BreakThru will work to keep you abreast of changes both on a tactical and strategic level.
And as you look for new business partners, BreakThru will assist in their targeting, competitive repositioning, and business integration.