Technical Services

Technical Services – BreakThru has a team to assist you in addressing your short-term and/or long-term technology objectives. This resource will drive new expertise into your organization, support operational excellence, and in some cases, allow for strategic cost management.

As your Technology Partner, we offer a full spectrum of products and services that allows enterprises to determine the level of support they require in order to meet their information technology needs:

Working in partnership provides opportunities for your enterprise to use our technology services -- freeing staff to focus on core competencies that contribute to the bottom line. BreakThru will discuss the roles and responsibilities that we will employ in driving toward issue resolution. All solutions come with a clear service-level agreement.

Technical Support - Partial and Full-time / In-house and Off-site Staffing

BreakThru's professional technical services delivery is designed to provide high-quality technology leadership and functional experts to assist with specific customer issues or in the delivery of comprehensive services.

We work to design, implement, and monitor solutions in all areas of the organizations we partner with. Specialists will work with their client partners/end-users to direct software vendors, maintain infrastructure, develop requirements, map use-case scenarios, and stress-test applications. Our number one objective is to keep your mission critical applications up, running, and honed to meet your business needs.

Technology Training

How do you keep up with your responsibility for staff education and training? Who trains? How often? On what subjects?

BreakThru can assist in developing and implementing your training plan while reducing the impact on your current IT infrastructures and resources. Through new web technology and partnerships with training developers, BreakThru is able to support on-site, individual training in over 900 categories. If it makes sense to have a group training session in a particular technical or non-technical topics, BreakThru will set it up for you.

Our company is built on the belief that "individuals need the opportunity to develop and expand their understanding of themselves and their world." Through well-designed classes, Q&A, and feedback, your employees can benefit from BreakThru's commitment to individuals.

Our service agreement will include individualized training plans and tests to ensure that skill levels are increased according to plan.

Help Desk Support

BreakThru's familiarity with your business provides opportunities for your enterprise to give up small pieces of your support activities. Help desk services are a prime candidate for outsourcing as support decision trees and escalation procedures are relatively standard between firms.
The service-level agreement with BreakThru will dictate the roles and responsibilities that we will employ in driving toward issue resolution.