Choose BreakThru

BreakThru’s approach to client service involves a commitment to providing exceptional service to our Client-Partners. We are able to do this because of the decisions we’ve made in our organizational structure and business approaches.

Organizational Structure

BreakThru has made a commitment to excellence in the arena of technology issues. This focus requires BreakThru to be well versed on the current and evolving trends in technology, and allows us to make contributions in the areas of technology application and its integration into your organization.

We are also committed to careful stewardship of your development funds by re-using application code and developing features and functionality with multiple organizations in mind. This economy of scale allows us to share and reduce development costs, and bring applicable solutions to your organization.

Client Approach

BreakThru works with our client-partners to provide more than problem solving or outsourcing of services. BreakThru’s strategy is to develop on-going relationships that understand the unique characteristics of each client-partner. In this way we tailor our service delivery to you and your specific needs. We hope to nurture our relationship over-time in order to help you systematically achieve and maintain your goals.

We are very distinct in other ways as well. We encourage client-partners to look for ways to share/limit development costs, employ packaged pricing whenever possible, and fully-license technical development to client-partner organizations (so in the future they can choose to take technology management in-house if it makes sense).

Internal Operations Approach

We are a professional services firm. This means that our most important assets are our client-partners, our project/service provision, and our employees. We seek to create an environment that supports long-term employee and client relationships. We highly value lives in balance, personal responsibility, and initiative. We seek to treat our employees as we want them to treat you.

We are obsessive about sharing information within our organization and using this knowledge to meet your organization needs. Constantly we look for ways to improve how we, and out client-partners can work together.