Systems Delivery

Systems Delivery – BreakThru Technology Partners will enable your firm to break the limits of its size and skills. Our cutting-edge product delivery will challenge your organization to consider ownership needs, structural/personnel concerns, and application requirements.

As your Technology Partner, we offer a full spectrum of products and services that allows enterprises to determine the level of support they require in order to meet their information technology needs:


Data Center Services BreakThru Data Center Services allow you to leverage technologies and skills that heretofore were reserved for the largest of companies. By using the BreakThru Data Center Capabilities your applications are managed and run in our state of the art systems. Firms are assured of the highest level of reliable services and the greatest level of system support possible. By sharing space in our data center among a number of firms we can achieve an economy of scale far beyond what our clients can achieve on their own. This allows us to implement technologies that would be cost prohibitive if you were to seek them on your own. Database Management Support Services provide management information regarding database activity through automated performance monitoring systems. Early warning systems such as ours, availability and performance bottlenecks can be eliminated before they can impact our clients’ business. Backups, system redundancy and disaster planning ensure the highest level of availability. BreakThru Security Services is conscious of security needs for your organization. By establishing security management methodologies, we are able to concentrate on providing security for each of your business levels, data, application, operating system, access and on the physical network. Hosted applications function as an extension of the corporate network. In this environment, the establishment and maintenance of effective security management methodologies are as critical as those required in enterprise-wide environments. Network services Intranets, Extra-nets, Community Portals BreakThru will enhance your connectivity using state of the art hardware and software techniques We can build an Intra-net – your own private internet. We can create virtual workplaces that link remote sites together into once seamless office. We can create internal or external portals or interfaces that wrap all your core systems for ease of navigation and use. Custom Application and Package Hosting Our data center is your data center. If you have a special application that needs to be supported at the same level as your other core applications we can add it to our data center and provide you with secure access to it. We will also support common packaged software in ways that allow you to benefit from the industry leaders and allow us to worry about keeping your systems running at peak performance.