BreakThru serves growing enterprises by providing process improvement and technology solutions. We will make every effort to build these relationships on the following principles:

I. Create an economy of scale to use staff, system and design resources efficiently. It is our vision to address the needs of the market by forming what could be considered a utility for information technology. By making technology into a service we can meet the common needs of a number of organizations at a cost that is lower than what they could do themselves. BreakThru can:

  • Attract and retain technical talent at a skill level higher than our customers can support themselves
  • Provide for efficient use of code and sharing of innovations and solutions between non-competitive firms
  • Create bundled predictable cost models.

II. Focus on organizations that are disadvantaged in the market for technology. It is our belief that many firms are unable to manage their technical needs and achieve their goals due to inadequate knowledge and leverage in the technology market. By providing for their needs as a service, BreakThru can:

  • Be leaders in marrying the right technical solution with strategic or tactical business problems.
  • Provide for cost-sharing and volume leveraging in the acquisition of technical resources.
  • Lower the risk to organizations of changes in the platforms, environments and market position of software/hardware manufacturers

III. Partnership for growing organizations to minimize technical and financial risks. It is our belief that firms will not be open to technology services from firms that are not committed to their goals. By partnering with firm and participating at various levels of their organization (as determined by the client), BreakThru can:

  • Provide a range of services and form relationships that will provide a level of confidence and comfortably with adapting new approaches.
  • Be a leader in helping firms wrestle with the stewardship questions inherent in the use of technology.