Partner Benefits

Benefits You Can Access

Organizational performance improvement for our partners allows them to receive a wide-range of benefits, including those strategic and operational, as well as cost-based.  Benefits include:

Strategic Gains

  • Enhanced access to technology professionals
  • Expanded customer service/sales channels  through new uses for the Web (e.g., integrated e-commerce)
  • Software development specifically to increase efficiency
  • Data access, collection, and manipulation for a widely dispersed organizational operation

Operational Gains

  • Improved optimization within current processes
  • Improved reliability of systems
  • Developed mission-integrating technology strategy
  • Preparation for technology advances in the marketplace
  • Elimination of technology oversight/management of non-critical systems
  • Preparation for rapid scalability of service

Cost Reduction Gains

  • Lowered IT management costs for your organization
  • Shared application development costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Risk Management/Due Diligence Focus

Many organizations view a BreakThru Technology Partnership as a risk management or due diligence organizational activity.  We work with you to ensure:

  • Integration of both business and technology objectives
  • Balanced, directed, communication exchanges between business and technology strategists
  • Insight into similar decision-making and related risk management/land-mine avoidance at like-organizations
  • Agreement on methodology application that unites strategic and tactical planning processes for the business and technology community